Aga z Dobieszowic

AGA from Dobieszowic vel INKA

Date of birth: 20/08/2015

Survey: HDB

Parents: o: ChPl SINGER Nutrena m: ŁOWNA z Dobieszowic

m: ŁOWNA z Dobieszowic


BOB x 1, BOS x 1, NDSwR x 2, CWC x 3,

INKA she is a continuator of the outstanding SINGER line, a dog who in 2007-2012 was the decoration of rings in Poland. The perfect character, unparalleled in the breed at the time the upper line, beautiful orifice, smooth, sliding and efficient movement, are the traits inherited by Inka after the outstanding father. Her patience, caring and desire for puppy games makes Inka a perfect friend of our children and a watchful guardian of the home herd. We hope that he will transmit these qualities to his descendants.