E-Śnieżka Gacówka

E-Śnieżka Gacówka

Date of birth: 25/05/2017

Survey: HDA

o: ChPL ZAREMBEK z Winory
m: Aga z Dobieszowic

Warsaw 2018, European, 4th place, junior class
Łódź 2018, International, BOS, CWC, Naj. Junior,
Ustka 2018, Youth Winner,
Choceń 2018, Youth Winner

Śnieżka is the daughter of our Inka. She has a very good character, she is balanced, brave and calm, she enjoys working. It promises to be a very promising show bitch. In a light time, she won the title of Mł. ChPl, and now she is in the process of obtaining applications for the SPC.
I really like the type of Polish Tatra Sheepdog, which is characterized by Śnieżka, i.e. average height - 63 cm at the withers, deep chest, proportional, not too long limbs, abundant and long as a bitch for a bitch and a simple and well connected upper line. An additional advantage of Śnieżka is a lovely muzzle, not too long and straight muzzle, passing through a moderate alloy into a slightly elongated skull. I am very proud of it, which is associated with big hopes for the future.