About us

I am the founder and owner of the GACÓWKA breeding farm, which deals with the Polish Tatra Shepherd dog, a highlander showcase in the lowlands. Our kennel has been affiliated since 2006 in the Kennel Club in Poland, the oldest and the most renowned cynological organization in our country and FCI of the international Kennel organization.

Polish Tatra Shepherd dog are are my passion for life. I met them when I was still a young man, during a trip to Zakopane. On the mountain hall we met an old shepherd who was surrounded by a small herd of puppies. A mother, a beautiful, dignified mother, took care of this group. It was her behavior that captivated me most, she was confident, calm, and she had a beautiful face. Since then I knew that I definitely want Podhalan. I love these dogs as highlander temperament, courage, wisdom and faithfulness. I know I can rely on them when I leave the house. My children have reliable companions to play with, and when they get tired, have a nice cuddly hug.

I combine my hobby with professional work. I am a football coach, traffic specialist, veterinary technician and Kennel Assistant. For many years I was the head of the Molts section of the ZKwP in Gdynia and the vice-president of the branch.

Breeding Gacówka is guided by its principles:
1. Health
2. Correct, stable, character
3. An appropriate type of race that matches the pattern
4. Smooth, sliding motion
5. Perfect anatomy

I have a deep conviction that established rules contribute to the greatest success in our breeding, i.e. the satisfaction of our clients.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with our site, keep track of news, and people interested in buying puppies for contact.
Hodowla Gacówka
Owczarek podhalański
tatra shepherd dog
owczarek podhalański